Pawn Disclaimer

In consideration and to secure the amount identified as the Total of Payments, Pledgor hereby deposits with the issuer of this pawn ticket the Pledged Article(s) described on the ticket.
A person presenting a pawn ticket to the pawnbroker shall be presumed to be entitled to redeem the pledged article(s) described therein.

Pledgor warrants that the article(s) pledged are not stolen, that the pledger has not received the article(s) by fraud, that the article(s) have no liens or encumbrances against it, that the pledger is not in voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy and is not anticipating filing a bankruptcy proceeding of any type, and that the pledger has the right to pawn the article(s) pawned.
Sec. 45:22-22. Notwithstanding the provisions of N.J.S 2C:21:19 to the contrary, a pawnbroker should not charge or receive interest on a loan in excess of 4.5% per month or a fraction thereof except that he may charge $1.00 where the interest herein amounts to less. In no event shall any other charges be made for any reason whatsoever, except as permitted by the Commissioner of Banking and Insurance.

Pledgor agrees that said pledged goods shall be sold immediately following the expiration of said time period at public auction or private sale pursuant to the notice provisions of R.S. 45:22-26. All unredeemed pledges shall be sold at public auction or private sale, but not before a notice in writing shall have first been mailed subsequent to the date of maturity of the loan, to the last known address of the pledger and at least twenty days prior to the date of such public or private sale.

Sec. 45:22-24. A pawnbroker shall be liable for the loss of a pledge or part thereof, or for injury thereto, whether caused by fire, theft, burglary or otherwise, resulting from his failure to exercise reasonable care in regard to it, but he shall not be liable, in the absence of an express agreement to the contrary, for the loss of a pledge or a part thereof, or for injury thereto, which could have been avoided by the exercise of such care. The burden of proof to establish reasonable care shall be upon the pawnbroker. Any insurance the pawnbroker may carry may not cover the replacement value of the pledged article (s).

If the pawn ticket is lost, destroyed, or stolen, the pledger shall so notify the pawnbroker in writing, and receipt of this notice shall invalidate the pawn ticket if the pledged goods have not previously been redeemed. Before delivering the pledged goods or issuing a new pawn ticket, the pawnbroker shall require the pledger to make a written statement of the loss, destruction, or theft of the ticket.


Sell Disclaimer

Seller must agree and warrants the item(s) put for sale to Roman Pawn are not stolen, not received by fraud and lawfully belong to the seller. Seller must be 18 years or older and all sales are final and can not be reversed. Seller must also have a valid and current picture identification. Once a customer accepts the estimate Roman Pawn offers, there is no way to receive that item back. The customer relinquishes all ownership of said item.